I'm watching youu

I'm watching youu

Saturday, September 3, 2011

What's Been Going On

I like starting things out with the word fuck. It's one of my favorite words.
I tired to figure out where it came from via Bing search. I got some scary results that didn't  yield any answers. I use Bing because I don't like Google. Simple as that.

Now on to more important issues.
I saw a microwave that has a Chicken Nugget button. Like they have the popcorn button, but a motherfuckin' Chicken Nugget button. It was a microwave meant for me. <3

I hate today. It was okay. I just think I strongly dislike my nephew. That makes me sound like a terrible aunt, but I don't give a fuck. He is annoying and mean. I'm just tired of telling me he hates me and I'm so dumb. I don't need my self-esteem attacked every ten minutes. Fuck that shit.

Bold Letters. Woo

I think I like this purple. I think it adds a nice break from the regular black bleck. say Black Bleck out loud. It's like I'm speaking German or something of the sort.

So, what did I do yesterday? You must be itching to know since I didn't report yesterday. 
Well, after school, I sweated balls. Went home. Ate and watching Tv with my mummy. I read until four and slept until eleven. I did finish two books: Catching Fire and Kiss and Make Up. Both were amazing. 
Sarra Manning is one of my favorite authors, right next to Joyce Carol Oates. But anyway, Manning wrote Kiss and Make Up, and it's really good. But such a sappy book. But I connected to it too well. Now my soul is all achy. Fuck.
Catching Fire is pretty titacular too. I need to read the third one, NOW. But I have five other books to burn thru. 

Mmmm, But anyway. I'm dreading this Friday. My mum is leaving for ten days. Yeah, the normal teen would be rejoycing the thought of it, but I'm not. I'll have to walk to school and shit. Not that I don't like walking, but I just don't want to walk to school. I'll have to put new music on my mp3 player. And learn to wake up earlier. :\ 

I've been so meh today. Not to happy actually. I don't know why. Maybe if I get some good music pulsing thru me, I'll be okay. 

Speaking of music, I'm listening to this song that I have on my computer that I have never heard of before. Yeah, that happens, but this isn't even a common genre I would listen to. But it isn't that bad. I looked to see who it was by, but alas, I have no clue what it is because it is abbreviated. I HATE it when they abbreviate band names to hell. It takes a master mind to figure out what the hell the actual name is. I swear it's because people are too fucking lazy to write out a full name, heaven forbid. 

Boop, boop. boop. I took a break. I had gotten to angry. I went to Memebase. i'm okay now. I don't know what else to say. 
Except. this codeeeeeeee
R'n rm olev
Have fun decoding. ;)

I was derping on Memebase, and there was an ad asking if I wanted to meet Sarah. Psh, not thanks I'm the most awesome one ALIVE. 
That's where me being modest went out the window. :o
memes - Reframe: No Exceptions.
This is just awesome. :D

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