I'm watching youu

I'm watching youu

Sunday, September 18, 2011

I Do My Homework Not People

I'm feeling this kinda font. It makes me feel at home. (:

So, lemmeh explain this amazing title. I got it from somebody, so no credit for me. But, it's too true. I've been doing my homework like a mofo. 

Anyway, It's been like 8 days. I think I haven't done much with this is because pf the fact, I've done nothing...

Except Friday, that was pretty tits. 
But lets start with last Sunday.

Sunday: Damie came home. I did laundry. I probably did homework. 

Monday: I freaked out about doing a performance in English. It went terrible, but I got a 24/30. I better still have my A, or I'm funna be pissed.

Tuesday: Twas okay. I think I found out I had an A in Physics and A in Psychology. I took me four weeks to learn how to spell those right. 

Wednesday: I got to see Manuel Scott speak. OhMyJebuz. It was pretty inspirational. And for those who don't know him, he was the one dude in Freedom Writers. 

Thursday: I took a pre-quiz in ROTC, and I failed that shit. 56%, oh yeah. But whateva, I hate timed tests. Give you 12 seconds to read, comprhend a question and then use a remote(that most of the time didn't work) to answer such a thing. 

FRIDAY!!: I had taken a APUSH test the day before, and I had gotten the score. The class average was 55%. I got a freakin' 70%. Talk about a wenier. ;)

Navy Night: This was also Friday, but it's a long story and it would be weird to do paragraph thing. So, anyways, I had to power walk to the damn school. I was late getting outta the house. Got there in like 12 mins. That's what you call boss. I got separated from my class because of my lack of uniform. I had to stand by a bunch of high freshman talking about the various types of weed and getting bitches pregnant. This group was the last to leave the field house, and we had to stop for a car and then RUN to get caught up. Now, running in non-running boots is a pain. and with a bag, quite a bitch. Then, we stood there for awhile. I get freshman are new to this whole rules thing, but what the fuck. They couldn't stand in a line to save their life. Later, we had to run on to the football field. The football team ran thru two lines of us. Then we had to run off the field and run behind the bleachers. I swear we worked more than the actual football team. By the time we got to our seats, it was already 0-21. We had to wait forever to get outta there. The score was 0-49 when I left. A group of friends and I left that terrible match and got chetto packed. It wasn't that made except the part about listening to Metallica. We ended up at Steak n' Shake at 11-ish. We ended up walking to Denny's. I found plastic in my waffle and got free ice cream. I had to pay for my Pineapple Dream. Our waiter, Scott, told me it was a drug. After we got done eating, we found out we were kinda stranded there at like, 12:30 in the morning. I ended up getting home at 1:30. 

Saturday: I watched George of the Jungle. Man, that George is sexy as fuckkkk. Maybe it was those muscles, or maybe it was those muscles. *drools* 

Today: I ate and went to Devin's house. 

Extreme Update: I like to use colons, and I like my colon. (;

Goals for Today: Make a ringtone or two, and add some new music to the ol' Mp3 players, because I'm that old school. 

I probably have wasted most of my time on Memebase or Failblog.
But alas, it's a lazy Sunday. 

If you can make a pick up line out of that, I will love you forever. <3

Well, I guess this means good bye. I have to get some shit done while I still can. ;)

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