I'm watching youu

I'm watching youu

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lacking Everything Interesting.... Maybe....

Hi. :3 I missed you. I was thinking of you, and how I missed you so. And now look at me. :D

Currently. I'm wearing one shoe. It is an amazing shoe. All you peeps would be jealous of this jealous causing kicks. I LOVE THEM. And for $4.99, they were a steal. And German. And leather. Jealous yet?

I'm also wearing an awesome shirt. Slip into something more comfortable. ;) It's slightly suggestive, how I like everything. 

I know I'm wearing these shoes for like everything from now on. I love them so much. But enough about the shoes. I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR WITH THEM! Except this shirt, but it's huge and smells like musty man. /:

So, I'm supposed to be writing this essay, but I say it's stupid. Why must I do a riddle, essay and a project in one class? ALL AT ONCE. It's some bullshit. And the project isn't any copy or paste kinda thing. You actually have to do something with it. I want to do the soundtrack, like I have that kinda of technology. UGH.

I hate school.

I've decided not to finish my history notes. Eh. I've done half of them. 14 pages is alot. And they are about a war, so that's even more difficult for note taking. I'm also in the mood of not caring what a read, so that isn't a great mind set to be in when doing such a task. I feel like writing. I should apply that to my essay. I don't even know what.topic I should do. 

I like space. my brain hurts. I went on a field trip today. Went to the Coast Guard place in Calumet. It was tits. And the guy who gave us a tour was kinda cute. :o

I'm jamming to some Man of War. I'm not going to do my essay tonight either. I'll say I lost that shit, or left it at home. And work on it tomorrow. My brain is all sorts of not here. Why is there so much homework to do this week. I'd list it, but if I don't care about it, why would you? 

Soosoosososoososososoosoososoossooo. I'm still wearing one awesome shoe. I should change and go to sleep. I'm not doing anything too productive at the moment. :/

I needa get a new book report book. Stupid library wanting it back. WHY WOULD SOMEBODY REQUEST THE BOOK I NEED SO DESPERATLEY!!!!!!!
 I'm pretty pissed.
1) I already did one log on it
2) The second one is due next Wednesday
3) I already finished the fucker. 
I'm tired. 
I should publish before I fall asleep on the keyboard. I've done it before. I've fallen asleep doing a lot of things. But I don't think eat is one of them. 

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