I'm watching youu

I'm watching youu

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Picture Loaded.

Aye. I loved loved loved my  long weekend (last week. I'm all sort of behind about writing this) Nothing like camping and hiking for a few days.
 Okay, think of all the flights of stairs you have EVER walked on in your life. Now, I probably walked twice as many in three days. And mostly today and yesterday. My calves are defined. 

Mhm. It was super fun, and beautiful. I think it would be easier to explain with pictures. 
Pictures are from both Starved Rock AND 
 Matthiessen Park. 
I can clarify which is which if wanna know.

I polished my hand on a sandy rock.
It was soft at first, and then skin started falling off. 

This is probably my favorite picture of my parents from the whole trip. I'm actually standing in a cave

I highly suggest going to both parks. If you go to Starved Rock, don't both going to the ACTUAL rock. It's kinda a waste of time. Unless of course, forced scenery if your thing. And  there is some crazy incline and then stairs. I didn't seen any waterfalls, except for some water drips. I'm going to try and see some amazing ones in the spring.

Also, don't go on Columbus weekend like I did. Utica has it's  Burgoo days. I gets CRAZY. 

Speaking of Christopher Columbus, he is a douche. 

Anyway, way earlier, last month I went to Alpacha Days. :3  I want one now. Especially a baby one.
 That was the softest thing I ever felt. And look how cute my granmum is.

Mhm, Picture loaded, yo.
I have more  to put up too. ):

Hahahahaha. I'm not kidding, but be happy, they are good ones. (;

Sea Cruise!!!
It was one amazing field trip to the Coast Guard in Calumet And then Navy Pier. Oh, and Isabel's adventure face. 

That's the boss man tying a knot, and our informative guide.
Also kinda cute. :o

Sorry for the sidewayness, but that's the dummy to people practice with. I heard it's heavy.

Isabel buying a ukulele. The guy tried to get out of the picture but failed.

Isabel is a BAMFing musician playing tune for the people of Navy Pier 

Yeap, I think I'm done for this installment

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Includes a movie :o

Yeah, you heard right. I made a film. It's a Beowulf soundtrack with images related to such. 
It's currently being uploaded to YouTube. It's just taking FOREVER. I wasn't originally going to, but since it won't play on other computers, I have to do something, or bring my computer to school and I rather not do that. Pain in da arse.

My computer might die soon. BOOOO. I hate it when that happens.
I had to go upstairs and charge it. ): I miss my sister already. D:

Today, kinda sucked. I hurt my hip back butt thing. It's all sorts of sore, and I don't know why. It hurts to start walking, but after awhile, it gets less painful. 

Oye. I still do not have my pants for ROTC. I'm kinda pissed. Like, wtf....

I GOT MORE BUTTONS TODAY. Because I'm awesome? 
This blog isn't too exciting. I'm sorry. ):
No, wait. I'm not. (;

I drew a picture of a zombie raccoon for my English teacher I had last year. He hit this raccoon, and then it was gone later that day, and he was haunted by it. And a zombie raccoon would make it better. (:
I'm a great person, you know. I made it on Nick Jr. :D

You ready for the movie magic?!
Is your popcorn popped?
Is your Coke refreshed?
Are you under your Snuggie?

That's it for today, my loves. 
Keep Calm and Read On
XOXO Sarah 

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Post Title

Aye. S'up, reader? Having a good time? Just browsing, then BAM BAM BAM. You see some amazing brown/orange font you just have to read. BAM BAM BAM. You are reading this and you are confused to what is going on. Is it gun fire, or fire works, maybe a crappy car? No. BAM BAM BAM. It's my genius working. Bam, bam, bam. 

Enough with the bams. I only said it too many times...

Oh, I shall point this out. If you attempted to comment before, and couldn't, I changed the settings so you now can. And now that you can, make sure that you do. Thanks. ;)

Man, I've been listening to Celtic, classic Russian, Phantom of the Opera music all day. And now listening to some 'normal' music is kinda weird. It's like, musical whiplash. 

Tonight was the homecoming dance. I kinda wanted to go, but it's whatever really. I've got a pretty good record going for not going to a dance function. I WAS going to go, but my date bailed like, two weeks ago. XD And now I find out, a whole bunch of my friends went. I should've gone. OH WELL. Maybe next year? I'll end up going to prom, prolly. Or even Military Ball. But I won't have an actual date, because remember, nobody loves me. Haha

It's not funny if it's true...

e.e I'm kinda tired. I got all my history notes done and I wrote up my riddle. I think it's kinda morbid, well, in some parts. 

Meh Riddle
Listen carefully as I spin this riddle
I'm all sorts of colors and shapes.
I can be crisp or soggy, it all depends.
I only live a short period of time
I'm pulled under yearly
I might leave before due
Without me, my mother would die
I'm often used, but I don't mind
My brothers and sisters will have the same fate as I
I bring joy to people
Some people love me, while others find me annoying
Many spend large amounts of time with me
I'm found everywhere
Admire me while you can
Think hard and guess my name  

Comment of you think you know what it is. :o

Currently, I'm listening to Moves Like Jagger.
It's okay. I really enjoy this shirtless singer.
I think I have a thing for shirtless men who have talent. Not bad thing to have a thing like that. 

In a Maroon Five kinda mood. And there ain't nothing wrong with that. :D

So, My hair is kitten soft today. I wish it was this soft everyday. That would be amazing. I'd tell everybody to come and pet my head because it is orgasmically soft.
Yeah I just said it. BAM BAM BAM
I shouldn't use BAM BAM BAM anymore unless I say something genius.... but that would mean delete the whole intro. D: 
Eh, it'll work. Just don't think about it. 
You are thinking about it, aren't you?

I'm kinda tired of thinking. Maybe you are too? :/

Well, I shall let you sleep some wondrous slumbers and remember TODAY IS NOT SUNDAY. It wasn't when I made this so there

Ps, Firm Milk Delight is cheesecake. Or is it?