I'm watching youu

I'm watching youu

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Picture Loaded.

Aye. I loved loved loved my  long weekend (last week. I'm all sort of behind about writing this) Nothing like camping and hiking for a few days.
 Okay, think of all the flights of stairs you have EVER walked on in your life. Now, I probably walked twice as many in three days. And mostly today and yesterday. My calves are defined. 

Mhm. It was super fun, and beautiful. I think it would be easier to explain with pictures. 
Pictures are from both Starved Rock AND 
 Matthiessen Park. 
I can clarify which is which if wanna know.

I polished my hand on a sandy rock.
It was soft at first, and then skin started falling off. 

This is probably my favorite picture of my parents from the whole trip. I'm actually standing in a cave

I highly suggest going to both parks. If you go to Starved Rock, don't both going to the ACTUAL rock. It's kinda a waste of time. Unless of course, forced scenery if your thing. And  there is some crazy incline and then stairs. I didn't seen any waterfalls, except for some water drips. I'm going to try and see some amazing ones in the spring.

Also, don't go on Columbus weekend like I did. Utica has it's  Burgoo days. I gets CRAZY. 

Speaking of Christopher Columbus, he is a douche. 

Anyway, way earlier, last month I went to Alpacha Days. :3  I want one now. Especially a baby one.
 That was the softest thing I ever felt. And look how cute my granmum is.

Mhm, Picture loaded, yo.
I have more  to put up too. ):

Hahahahaha. I'm not kidding, but be happy, they are good ones. (;

Sea Cruise!!!
It was one amazing field trip to the Coast Guard in Calumet And then Navy Pier. Oh, and Isabel's adventure face. 

That's the boss man tying a knot, and our informative guide.
Also kinda cute. :o

Sorry for the sidewayness, but that's the dummy to people practice with. I heard it's heavy.

Isabel buying a ukulele. The guy tried to get out of the picture but failed.

Isabel is a BAMFing musician playing tune for the people of Navy Pier 

Yeap, I think I'm done for this installment

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