I'm watching youu

I'm watching youu

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hello, Stranger

It's been roughly a month since I've posted on here, so it's about time to get this shit started up again.

So, I like writing in a large font. I hope it doesn't bother people. I don't like squinting to see things, so having a larger font is okay. Even if you can sit a few feet away and still see the words just fine, you still aren't squinting and that's okay, right? It is, don't bother getting philosophical on it. I've thought about it. A huge waste of time. Just take my word for it. 

(\/) (;,,,;) (\/) 
It's Zoidberg. :3
:3 is also a tuskless walrus. Think about it, I just figured out what the freak that face was. Yeah, it kinda looks like a cat, if it's whiskers got shaved off and was not a cat....

WHAT I DID TODAY: I brought back my usage of colons!!! Yay, colons.

See that, I can make techno.
It's because I'm amazing, no lie

Today: It's my birthday. Yeap, I'm old and stuff
But it was a pretty cool today. The janitor gave me cake. It was pretty boss. And I got a lot of compliments on my dress. For a wedding/funeral dress, it worked very well for picture day. Also, this guy I fancy gave me a hug. >:D
A lot of people hugged me tho, so it doesn't matter that much, except he is awesome. Hahaha
I almost got to go out to eat with my fran, but my mum was like, nah wait until tomorrow. I still have to decide on a place to eat.
I'm going to try and see if I can get a new phone tomorrow. That would be way awesome.
I have to type english bull shit. So, I shall pick this up at a later hour, not that you could tell by reading this, unless of course you read this and then you knew. But if I didn't write this, you wouldn't know.... Now that I went a did a bit or ranting, you know that I took a minor break to get my educational homework done. 

Haha. That took like, 3 hours. I'm so terrible. I just remembered I have History notes to do. FUCK
I'll do them in my study hall. I love having it second period.  Mhm

Uhmmmm. I don't know what else to sayyy

My sister made me some awesome birthday gifts. ME GUSTA FACE CHARMS AND OTHER VARIOUS CHARMS
I love her so much for giving me such an amazing gift. <3

Coots are cool water birds. They have really cool feet.

Um, I don't really have anything else to say....

Have a nice day/night readers.
Feel free to comment. 

Xo -Sarah

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  1. I feel you only said that cause you know I might read this...I kid. Fo real though

    LOVE YOU TOO!!!!