I'm watching youu

I'm watching youu

Monday, September 5, 2011

No, I didn't die.

You know, I got this ukulele, but never learned how to play.
Only because I can't tune it by ear. I'm musically challenged, I swear
Ukulele turner needed.

Jumping Jebuz! Tomorrow is school!
Unaware of what the weather will be like, but I'm guessing cold. Bleck
Specially something I need. Cold weather when I'm all leaky faces.
To those you don't know, leaky face is a runny nose.

Long-ish weekend. I didn't do much tho.
Other than go to some races, a fire, and some laundry.
Some say that was a lot, but really, doing stuff only counts if it's fun.
To hell with sentences that make sense. I'm tired as hell. XD

To be honest, I'm doing this so it's like I'm on here often.
Hope that made some sense.... It probably didn't.
Eh, I don't make much sense most of the time anyway.

Go go go, Godzilla, zilla, zilllaaaaaaa
Ahhhhh, it got stuck in my head.
My nephew was singing it, and now, BAM there
Even though, it's a tits song, it's still a song in my head.

Hey, PSsssssstt. You. Yeah, youuuuu.
 Read the first letter of every sentence, please. (:
And remember, I loves you, whomever you are. <3

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