I'm watching youu

I'm watching youu

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Mustache Ninja Party?

So, this is a fun color. :3

Anyway, I saw my page views today, and holy shizz. I had nine. Considering the average being zero, that's a improvement. Either, I have a stalker, somebody cares, or I have a new fan. I wouldn't mind all of the above. 
But you know what that means? I might have to start doing more interesting things. IE more awesome music and awesome pictures.

I'm having a terrible time spelling today. But I don't care. Interwebs have spellcheck, oh yes.

I went driving all over yesterday. Total of 2 hours and 45 mins. Drove almost to 80 in Naperville, then turned around and then drove to Marseilles, which had Alpaca Days. OHMYGAWD. I want a baby alpaca. They are soo super soft. Okay, imagine the softest thing you have ever felt in your whole freakin' life and then multiple that softness by a billion, and you will get how soft he was. And then my mumma drove to Ottawa for this Emu store, which was closed. It was also River Fest or something of the sort. We walked around there for a bit. I drove home from there. My grandma told me to go straight to hill. D: (A bit of an inside joke, but it was too hilarious to not put in here) After I got home, I watched my recording of the premier of Ghost Adventures. I fell asleep. The show makes me tired, actually, all ghost shows make me tired, even tho it doesn't bore me. After I had awoken, my pa, ma, and I went to Plano for Oktoberfest. I drove again. Woot! Anyway, I had the pulled port. OH jebuz, was that amazing! The music was good too. And that was my Saturday. :D

That was an intense paragraph. If I forget to go back and edit the mistakes, forgive me. I'm only human. 

So today, was my getting shit done day. I did my history notes. Whhooooo! I hate reading of the Revolutionary War. Does that make me a bad American? 

I had a huge scare also today. I thought I lost my ribbons, stars, name tag, rank, and J-bar for ROTC. I thought I was going to die. FORREALS I would've been yelled at by my instructor. :/ But I found it. It was under my bed with my wrist brace an buttons. Because that makes sense...

I still need to do my laundry. I should get that going before anybody else decides to do stuff. It's like, whenever I need to use the wash, people need it too. But all that time when it wasn't in use, they didn't need it. 

ohmygawd. I just cracked my wrist that's in pain, and now it's in more pain. I had to take it off because it causes problems with typing and it was getting sweaty. Ewwww

Boop Boop Boop. Did I mention my interview for Big Brothers Big Sisters? Well, I got interviewed and I wanna get in, so bad. I'll know by the end of October. Which is when I can get my drivers licence. Which is days before my birthday. 

Oh, like I mentioned before. Inside Jokes. I don't like mentioning them in this blog because there will be people who'll not know what the heck is going on, and I don't want them to be put in that situation. I'm a good person, really. (:

Oh, that's meeee. Have a nice day. :D

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