I'm watching youu

I'm watching youu

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Well Then

Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I'm back mofos.
I can't seem to leave you guys without a view into my wonderful life.
I'm pretty sure I know everybody who reads this. I love you for it. Promiseeee

I have no idea when it was that I blogged last. NO IDEAAAAA
I had to know, so I did a bit of research, and it was freakin' Monday.
Shit has happened, lemmeh tell ya.

Okay, I was kinda kidding. Nothing really happened. Well, nothing too exciting
I shall explain after I put on some tunes.
I have this Party Rock song stuck in my head. Stupid commercials. It's what I get for watching Conan.
But really, Conan is my role model. I should tell him that. #realtalk
It's also not Twitter, and I'm a foul for intermingling the two. I also spelled intermingling right on the first try. Now that is winning.

So, I've decided I'm such a girl. Thinking of lurv all the damn thing. :\ What the heck is wrong with me!? Somebody should fill me in. Thanks.

I've also decided I kinda love Forever the Sickest Kids. It's some good love songs. A fun mix of rock and feeling good. Yeap. I'm listening to them RIGHT NOW. Same Damn Excuse if you were wondering.

It's all good. She'll come back some day. ):
But really, she will. Just a trip with my Grandma.
Le Sigh. I wanted to go sooo bad, but alas, I have to go to school. Can't miss more than ten days of school in the beginning even though you don't learn anything anyway. Pshh
Gasp. I just learned Buffalo got big. ): He was the cutest puppeh, but now he is a huge smelly dog, I bet. He still would be so friggin' adorable. :3

So, like, I did dishes today. I hate doing dishes, but all our beverage holding containers are squeaky clean, thanks to yours truly. My spelling went to shit in this paragraph. Like, four words misspelled, five now. I misspelled misspelled. OHMYGAWD. I did it a second time. FuckMyLife

Anyway, my plans for Denny's flopped. Sadness.
Nothing else happened since Monday tho.
OH, except my terrible time at Open House. I was standing for two hours. Least I had somebody to text. It was breaking the rules, but I don't get a hoot. I was tired. Put of all of it, I realized the shop teachers at my school are pretty boss. Even though one is a Packers fan.

Time for venting. Whooooooo.
Kso, there is this SUPA skanky girl I know. Yeah, whatever right?
But no. This girl is a freshman and went to a private school. I went there with her. She is so totes selling herself short. I don't know if she is that tarty at school, but it's really gross. Yeah, most guys will be all over that shit, but it's putting a bad rep on the female races.
AND, to make it even worse, she uses the duck face more than she uses a photo editing software. Yeah, I said it. What now!? What really casued me to vent such a paragraph was her Facebook status. I quote, ''Every guy treats me like they don't give a fuck about me." Okay, she and her even skankier friend found cusing. Whatever, posers. And maybe is she wasn't so whorey looking in her photos, maybe they would treat her better. Leaving nothing to the imagination. >:| People these days.

Man, that made me seem like a hateful, jealous bitch.
Only the bitch part is true.

....The next song I listen to I will post it on this blog accompanying a video.
The lucky song is... Drum roll please....
I've Got Your Number by Passion Pit.
I couldn't find a video I liked, so I'll just post a random one. WHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA

On a completely different note, I'm tired of all my default pictures. I've decided I need to take new ones. bleh. That means work for me. :l

Well, I'm off to shower and more music listening.
Fair well, my dear.

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